Attention (NEW for 2020)
The Holley sniper 4150 series is allowed 


2020 Rules


1-If you enter and race a blue ridge outlaw latemodel event without removing the roof 
Please read this as it goes in effect 
As of May 25th (2018) we will go back to our original (ROOF) rules package where a driver can race with blue ridge outlaw latemodels with their roof still on ,but they will not receive any weight break or burn off of any kind........,Also NO added spoilers if roof is still on car
So cars with roof still on will have to be as listed below...
*(Super engines )all aluminum engine will have to weight 2400lbs with the 50lbs in front of engine plate....added up 2450lbs
**Supers with steel blocks 2400lbs all the time....

***Steelheads ,built crate engines,Resealed CT525 engines,and spec head engines 2350lbs all the time

****Ford and GM (sealed)Crate engines equal to 604 and also and limited engines must be 2250lbs all the time

*** GM sealed 525 engines will be 2250lbs with 50lbs of that in front of mid plate all the time...

****A protective mini roof (same size as halo) is recommended but not required at this time**** 

 Weight must be posted on left and right fenders**
-1.Weight – Engine #1 (steel head)2350 lbs.

-2.-Spec head Engine 2350lbs. 
-3-Super Late Model Engine******(NO CI RULE)same as all local super series (all aluminum)2400 lbs.+50 lps in front of engine plate=2450 lbs

-4-Supers with steel blocks =2400 lbs

-5-Engine #3 Limited Late Model Engine 2250lbs.

-6-CT525 (GM sealed )engine 2250lbs (50lbs of it must be in front of engine mid plate)

-7- CT 525 with a series rebuilder seals such as (FUEL) 2350lbs (50lbs of it must be in front of Mid plate)

-8- New For 2020 you will be allowed to use a CT 525 engine to build into a super engine it would fall under super latemodel engine,body,weight,tire rules.

-9-Engines built using GM and ford crate engine heads (built under spec engine rules) except no dry sump 2350lbs

-10-GM 602-604, and Ford 347 sealed crate engines=no weight rule.

11- GM or ford (UNSEALED) crate engines will fall under (SPEC) engine rules!!!!! Weight-and tires.......

#12  (Mighty mouse LS engine) weight and tires same rules as spec and SteelheadV

The 5.3 engine comes from factory at 325 cubic inch. We are allowing .60 over bore. Maximum cubic inch is 335 
Block: Cast iron 5.3 only
Heads: Factory GM casting numbers 706 and 862. Valve sizes intake 2.000. Exaust valve 1.551 Maximum. Intake valve part numbers V3452 or V3466. Exaust valve part number V4371. No porting or polishing of any kind to ports or combustion chamber. 68 cc mimimum.
Rods: Must be factory stock rods only. Part numbers 143 or 3847. No lightning. You may balance new rod bolts, resize, and float the wrist pins. Stock length only.
Piston: Part number P5036 silvolite. You may zero deck the block, no tolerance.
Camshaft: Part number EL5.3LSX. This cam is a hydraulic roller lifer cam. Lifters Part number 2281. Must be stock hydraulic roller lifters only. The camshaft must be purchased from Concord Engines 704-273-2453 (Ask for Tony)
Crankshaft: Part number 216. This is a stock production crankshaft. No lightning or cutting. Balance ok. 
Intake: Part number 300-132 Holly Intake. No porting or polishing of any kind. 
MSD Ignition Box: Part number 6014 
Carburetor: 4777 Holly 650
The motor mounts, coupler, headers and all the accessories will be available at Heintz Performance.

 Chassis and Suspension:
1.Engine setback – 6” maximum, measured #1 spark plug to top of center ball joint.
2.Rear of car may be opened.
3.76” maximum width on body 1” tolerance
4.101” minimum wheel base
5.Rear bumper may not extend over ½ width of rear tire on each side. May
be curved 
inside rear quarter panels at 90 degree angle.
6.Front push bars allowed, (can not come threw bumper cover)may not exceed width of front chassis rail
8.Front and rear wrecker pick ups are MANDATORY
9. Carolina Clash ,ultimate,woo,Lucas,seca,nesmith,and Fastrak Body Rules apply with this added......

-------2020 body rules ------------
1-PRE RACE Body height rule between 37 to 39 inches (No Exceptions)
2-(DROOP RULE)POST RACE Body height rear deck (NO HIGHER then 49 inches checked at left rear with car jacked up till          left rear tire will move forward or backwards being jacked up behind axle tube 1in Tollerance!!!!!! This is totally for safety                measures and to keep all chassis on even playing feild.......

3. 8” rear spoiler 52"maximum height from ground 76” wide,MAY RUN 12'' SPOILER and 12" left side spoiler can not go forward       past drivers compartment.... ON ALL CARS EXCEPT SUPER LATEMODELS..(8" spoiler)
    & 4in spoiler allowed on left nose filler (mounted at nose ear SAME length) all cars except supers......
    Any car with top still on will not receive extra spoilers,weight break or burn off.
4. No part of body may extend beyond the plane established by the 76” width

******Attention ********
Body dimension measurements should follow (Carolina clash,SAS,Ultimate)
Minus the roof for topless entries....

 Engine #1 Crate Engine
4-(Sealed 602-604-347 Crate engine cars will not have this droop rule in 2019....
 Ct525 Sealed Engines must be 100% as came from GM ....(no protest on 525 control box)
**** Ct 525 with Rebuilder series seals must match series rules sealed under.
*******602& 604 gm crate latemodels same as (SECA ,Nesmith & FASTRAK )

Engine #2 (Steel Head)
1.Cubic inch 365 cubic inch max. NO TOLERANCE.
3.Crankshaft – ANY
4.Rods – any steel
5.Pistons – flat top only
6.Camshaft – any
7.Heads – any cast iron or  OEM Iron Eagle not to exceed 215 runner (number must be molded on head)
Ford - -6049-N351
Bow Tie – allowed
Dart II Sportsman, Part #1112, 1122, 1212, 1222, 1115, 1125, 1215, 1225
8.1 ½”1.500) Blend from the bottom of the valve seat- 3/4in blend allowed to match intake and head to gasket....(Not port and polished)
9.Valves – any
10.Lube systems – any
11.Intake – any
12.Exhaust system – any
13. Engine protest will be accepted on block, rods, pistons, cubic inch, and heads only.

Engine #3 Spec Engine:
Now these heads will be on the same intake and valve rules as the brodix heads are now in the rules..... Here is the comparison of the Brodix spec vs. the Dart. Chevrolet Brodix = 215 cc Intake port with 2.08" Int/1.600" exh with 64 cc combustion chambers Dart = 215 cc Intake port with 2.05" Int/1.600" exh with 64 cc combustion chamber (p/n = 11520020P straight plug, 11510020P angle plug Ford Brodix = 195 cc Inatke port with 2.08" Int/1.600 exh with 58 cc combustion chamber Dart = 195 cc Intake port with 2.02"Int/1.600 exh with 58 cc combustion chamber (p/n = 13200010)

         This engine uses Brodix SUPR “Spec” heads.

1. Cubic Inch – 365 inch max. NO TOLERANCE.
2. Block – any cast iron
3. Crankshaft – any
4. Rods – any steel
5. Pistons – flat top only
6. Camshaft – any
7. Brodix SUPR “Spec” heads (55cc minimum combustion chambers) with Titanium Valves.
    Brodix SUPR “Spec” heads (60cc minimum combustion chambers) with stainless valves.
8. Any valve. 11/32 valve stem size
9. Lube systems – any
10. Intake – Chevrolet engines must have a Brodix HVI intake with no modifications except 
      for port matching ¾” to Felpro 1206. Ford engines must have an Edelbrock Victor Jr. intake 
      with no modifications except for port matching ¾” Felpro 1262.
11 .Exhaust system – any
12. Engine protest will be accepted on block, rods, pistons, cubic inch, and heads only
Addition to SUPR “Spec” Engine Paragraph:
SUPR “Spec” heads with SUPR cast logos.
Chevrolet SUPR “spec” head with SUPR cast logos.----(If ported and polished must claim super weight and tires)
Ford SUPR “spec” head with SUPR logo on the outside and SPEC logo on intake and exhaust ports.
1. Intake port opening NO larger than original opening and may be port matched. Chevrolet may use FelPro 1206 gasket and          FORD may use a FelPro 1262.
2. Chevrolet intake opening may be ground or polished ¾” or NO farther into port than the closest edge or the closest letter or the SUPR logo. Ford intake opening may be ground or polished 3/8”. Intake port polishing will be allowed NO more than 1 ½” below the bottom of the original seat ring on the back side of the bowl area, and NO more than 1” on the short side. Any opening up of head past these points will be illegal.
3. Polishing will be allowed in the combustion chamber area to avoid hot spot chafing.
4. Polishing will be allowed in exhaust ports as long as the original SUPR logo is NOT affected or port shape is not altered.
5. NO intake or exhaust port relocation, raising, enlargement, or reshaping of any type.
6. Valve angle and placement may NOT be altered in any way on the SUPR “spec” head. NOTE: SUPR has and will be using,          Brodix supplied checking templates and tools on the SUPR head. DON’T GO past three points or templates and tools will              disqualify you.

7.In the rules above, if it doesn’t say you can, then don’t.
NOTE: These head and intake manifold combinations were designed with one thing mind, to have equal air flow. If anything is done to increase airflow above original specs by manufacturer, they will be illegal. 
SUPR logo must remain, with NO changes, in all locations. Flat top pistons ONLY. No titanium valves, crankshafts or connection rods

Engine # 3 ENFORCER:This engine will also fit into our 2020 rules with same weight,body rules,and tires as the (SUPR) spec engine does

                                                             Sanctioning Body Specifications Handbook

 Late Model Engine Rules for a (Super Late Model Engine)
***** No CUBIC INCH rule************ same as WOO,lucas oil,carolina clash ,etc
1. Engines must be based on a factory design and must naturally aspirated. Aluminum or steel blocks permitted.
2. No fuel injection devices, electric fuel pumps, turbo chargers, or blowers permitted.
3. Magnetos are permitted. However, the engine must have operating self-starter.
4. The engine is permitted to be set back a maximum of twenty-five and one half inches. 
(25.5) from the centerline of the balljoint to the front of the motor plate? Engine bellhousing flange.
5. Carburetor is limited to one four barrel.. 
6. All engines limited to one spark plug and two valves per cylinder. 

 Engine 4...Late Model Engine Rules for:
(((((( Limited Late Model Engine)))))

1. 365 C.I. max. with clearance and wear.
2. No roller cams.
3. Flat top pistons only.
4. Roller Rocker arms OK.
5. Only cast iron GM or ford  cylinder heads or World Products Torker.
6. No porting or polishing of heads. No modifications of intake or exhaust runners at all.
1 1/2" Bowl Blend Max.
7. No aluminum blocks or heads.
8. Engine location 6" max. Setback from center of ball joint to first spark plug hole.
9. One four barrel carburetor.
10. One Adapter only 1" max. 2 gaskets.
Fuel System
1.Fuel gasoline ONLY.
2.Carburetor – any 4 barrel.
3.Fuel Pump – any mechanical. NO ELECTRIC.
4.Fuel cells MANDATORY
-1-American racer. ..12,38,44,48,53,56 ,pro 2,pro 3, optional 70
-2- Cars running "legal" crate engines will be allowed to use American racer tires from list above or Hoosier, Fastrak,Durrence Layne and American crate series tires are Allowed on cars with legal (602-604) crate engines allowed in ,Fastrak,.....
All (super latemodels) must be on a right rear (American racer 48) or harder at all times....... NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!
(A) Grooving and siping allowed. ....
(B) Chemical alterations of any tires are strictly prohibited. No tire softeners or 
conditioners which alter the chemical compound of the tire will be permitted. This 
includes, but is not limited to, tire soaking, internal applications or the use of tread 
softeners. This will be strictly enforced.
(((((Must meet benchmark no exceptions)))))
1st offense ($1000) fine loss of points and money from the event and loss of 200 points
2nd offense ($5000) fine suspended for 365 days

>>>>Always 1lb per lap burn off in mains and heats....
—This is for TOPLESS RACECARS only—-
****(1lb) per lap in any heats,dash,or mains...
Driver will receive (25lb weight break for either one of these safety items ) can only get the 1 weight break not all for 2018
>>>>>weight break for head and neck safety devices.....
>>>>>>>weight break for fully contained seat.
>>>>> weight break Fire suppression system

    Protest Rules

1. After protest has been filed and money has been put up, it will not be returned for any reason. Protest cannot be taken down once it is filed; this is to avoid swapping money, which is unfair to rest of field.
2. For protest money to go to car that has been protested, he must tear down and be checked and found legal.
3. Protests or questions will be made by driver only.
4. To protest any car in the field, you must finish in the TOP 5 ,and Must be on lead lap at checkered flag. Protested car may back pull protesting car only on equal or less items.
5. All protests must be submitted to the Tech man within five (5) minutes after the first 3 cars has crossed the scales.
6. Driver filing protest is all that will be allowed in protest area other than security and track officials.
7. All visual protests must be made in the same manner, as other protests except they have to be made before any Main Events start. Cost is $25. Bodies are not protest item and will be governed by track.
8. Cost of protest in all divisions: two (2) items $300 top only. One protest per car per night- this is to stop any spite protest. Acceptance fee is $100 for protest. The protested car to accept the protest will put up this fee. If found to be legal, acceptance fee will be returned along with protest money MINUS tech fee ($100). This money goes to the series. If illegal, acceptance fee goes to series. Money and points will be forfeited.
9. Protested cars have (5) minutes to accept or refuse protest. After acceptance, protested car has 5 mins. to back pull protesting car. If he or she accepts the protest, parts must be ready for inspection by (Tech man discretion)
.PROTEST: (Two things only) $300 with series retaining $100.($100 acceptance fee)1. Bottom End protest: $600 with series retaining $100.($100 acceptance fee)2. 602 -6O4 and 525 gm crate (ENGINE) protest Any protest items not specifically covered below are considered track protest items, Series  protest rules will apply .
Crate engine protest as listed below.
1-Complete engine teardown: $1000 ($200 acceptance fee) - Engine will be impounded and checked by certified builder. $200 to the builder, $200 to the series $800 to the winner of the protest.
Non Sealed (engines that have been unsealed, not resealed by certified builder) $700 ($300acceptance fee)- Engine will be impounded and checked by a certified builder ($200 to builder- $200 to the series $600 to winner of the protest). ...
4. Tire Chemical Protest: $150.00 per tire to protest.
All cars entered in a Blue Ridge Outlaw latemodels event must have the series Decal package displayed on their cars ....
5. Series has the right to take any protested engines to a engine builder to be checked...
6. No TRACTION CONTROL DEVICES ALLOWED (series has the right to check at anytime).